NEW! Little BERENICE Color Nail Polish for Kids

LITTLE BERENICE is a unique line of children’s nail polishes and nail treatments, which are developed in Switzerland.

To create the line of nail polishes for children, BERENICE brand experts were inspired by little fashionistas, who want everything like their mothers have, including beautiful colored nails.

Due to longstanding developments, experts created a unique water-based formula without aggressive and toxic components. The formula is enriched with efficient vegetable extracts, which provide effective nail care. Due to texture, nail polishes are easily applied, creating beautiful and even covering with exquisite shine. One layer of the nail polish creates lightweight translucent covering, two layers create more thick and rich covering.

It is quite easy to remove the nail polish with warm water and soap.

LITTLE BERENICE is safe and stylish manicure for little fashionistas.


  •  6 stylish shiny colors
  • The formula is developed in Switzerland specially for kids
  • Contains natural extracts
  • Safe water-based formula
  • The formula doesn’t contain aggressive and toxic components
  • Certified
  • Compliant with safety standards of EAEU, USA (FDA) and Japan
  • Without strong aroma
  • Without fragrances
  • Easy application
  • Fast drying
  • Removable with water and soap
  • Easy to remove from furniture in case of accidental impingement 
  • Unique and stylish package design
  • Convenient brush from high quality nylon
  • Recyclable package
  • Volume 15ml

Color palette includes 6 stylish shiny colors, which will definitely appeal to little fashionistas.

01 Aloe

With aloe extract

02 Grape

With grape extract

03 Acerola

With acerola extract

04 Chamomile

With chamomile extract

05 Edelweiss

With edelweiss extract

06 Blueberry

With blueberry extract