Summer Manicure Ideas

Summer is in full swing and no matter what is the weather outside, the summer mood is inside us. We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting ideas for summer manicure, which you can repeat with BERENICE Oxygen nail polishes.

Floral Design

Flowers fit perfectly into a summer look, both as a print on clothes and as accents in a manicure.

Fresh mint color 54 Mint Ice is a perfect base for floral manicure.
Gentle natural color 03 Silky Peach with original and elegant floral design on the nail tips.
Stylish pink berry color 79 Velure with exquisite floral design, made on transparent base.
Cosy beige pink color 05 Ripe Berries with laconic design on one nail.
Bright color 88 Bright Comet with nice poppy flowers on two nails.

Geometric Nail Art

Nail Art with geometric elements looks stylish and easy to repeat.

Extraordinary combination of colors 54 Mint Ice and 52 Lavender Sky.
Classic white color 01 Pure White is perfect for any design.
Fresh fruit color 56 Bergamot Fruit as base for unusual design.
Generous color 22 Plum Joy with simple and interesting design.
Sky blue color 51 Endless Sky with an original design.

Shiny design

Under the bright summer sun shining textures look particularly fascinating.

Radiant color 34 Diamond Field is great single, and when used as top above other colors.
Stylish 41 Ladies Dress.
Sparkling 78 Sunny Life.
Gentle blue with pearly shine 70 Azure Wave.
Gentle beige with elegant shine 6 Milky Way.

Sea patterns

When, if not in the summertime, it’s better to decorate the nails with sea patterns. With that design, piece of sea will always be with you.

Summer color 51 Endless Sky with charming flamingo.
Shiny 41 Ladies Dress with marine design.
Interesting combination of blue 51 Endless Sky and olive colors 47 Warm Olive.
One more combination of 51 Endless Sky and 47 Warm Olive. This design looks like sea waves on the hot sand.
Gentle blue color 69 Siesta at the Sea as base for incredible marine design. The real work of art!

Photos by @nathisnails11235, @polishpixie92, @nailandcreate, @nailsonthames , @mari_lumme, @alenabliss, @elenaleg1411, @iv_juli, @yushibaevanails, @anny_budanova, @tx_3000, @lastovetckaya