Manicure at home: convenient, simple and safe

The world dictates its own rules – for example, now we only have access to manicure and nail care at home. Great, that you could easily make manicure at home using BERENICE products. Read the detailed story and useful life hacks in our article.


First, you need to remove the remnants of the previous nail polish, if it was applied.

– it is better to choose a remover without acetone in the formula, as it damages the nails

– it is most convenient to remove the nail polish with lint-free wipes, but if you do not have them, then you can use regular cotton pads

– moisten a wipe or cotton pad well, attach to the nail and wait a few seconds, then remove the nail polish with movements from the base of the nail to the tip. This technique will allow you to quickly remove the nail polish and avoid staining the skin around the nail

We recommend using Nail Polish Remover, this is the most gentle product that quickly and accurately removes the nail polish.


Cuticle care. No color of the nail polish or design will be nice to look at if the cuticle is sloppy, so the most important step in the manicure procedure is to remove the cuticle. To do this, you need at least 2 products – peeling for cuticles and orange sticks.

– apply peeling on the cuticle, but try not to touch the nail plate

– keep on during the recommended time

– after the recommended time, the cuticle will become soft and it will be easy to work with an orange stick

– take a new orange stick and carefully treat the cuticle

– if necessary, use special nipples or scissors for the cuticle, they must be disinfected before use, even if these are your personal tools

We recommend the product Cuticle Peeling, it works quickly and efficiently with any, even very dry and hard cuticle and allows you to remove it easily.


Next, we work on the shape of the nails, for this procedure you will need nail files.

– to give shape and the required length you will need a nail file with abrasiveness from 100 to 200 grit

– you need to work with a file, moving in short movements to one side from the side of the nail to the center

– it is not recommended to file nails with “here and there” movements, this can damage them and cause delamination

– you can also gently work on  the nail wall with a nail file if the skin on them is rough

– further treat the nail with a buffer, it will smooth out irregularities and the edge of the nail

– at the end, polish your nails with a nail file – polisher, it is better to apply a colored nail polish on a smoothed nail.

We recommend using BERENICE nail files. Files Speedy File 100 * 180 and 100 * 150 will help to shape the nails and remove excesses. Buffer Sponge Buffer 220 * 280 will help to treat the nails, and polishing nail file Miracle Shiner 600 * 4000 – to polish a nail plate to a mirror shine.


Preparing the nails for nail polish application.

– first, you need to degrease the nails, even if it seems that your hands are clean and you did not apply cream or oil to them, there may be dirt on the nail plate that will adversely affect the durability of the nail polish

For this, we recommend Nail Polish Remover from BERENICE. This is 2 in 1 treatment, it is suitable both for removing the nail polish and for degreasing nails.


Application of the nail polish

– it is necessary to apply a base on clean and dry nails. It will make the surface of the nail more even, the colored nail polish will last longer. The base will also protect the nail from staining after using bright shades.

We recommend using BERENICE Oxygen Base base, apart of the above, this treatment cares for nails, as it is based on a unique oxygen formula.

– apply colored nail polish. Necessarily a thin layer, it is ok if it is not very even

– only after the first layer is completely dry, apply the second, it will create an even and sole-colored coating

– be sure to brush a little along the edge of the nail, this will extend the durability of the varnish

We recommend using oxygen nail polishes BERENICE Oxygen Nail Polish. A palette of 99 stylish shades will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding ladies. Due to the safe formula, BERENICE nail polishes pass oxygen, moisture and useful components of care products to the nail plate, thereby preserving the beauty and health of nails.


Completing the manicure.

– it is necessary to apply a top coat above dry colored nail polish. It will provide additional glossy shine, protect from chips and scratches and extend the durability of manicure.

We recommend  using BERENICE Oxygen Top Coat. It is based on a unique oxygen formula that protects nails from dryness and preserves their beauty and health.


The last step of the manicure is applying oil to the cuticles.

– oil moisturizes the skin around the nail and will be the final touch in the procedure of home manicure

We recommend BERENICE Three-phase Oil. This is a cocktail of nutritious oils, which is useful to use not only at the end of the homemade manicure procedure, but also throughout the day, the oil will help moisturize the cuticle and keep the manicure neat.

Voila! Your perfect manicure at home is ready. You will spend no more than an hour on it, and you will enjoy it for several days.