New collection Star Light

We would like to invite you to a trip in endless space with the Star light collection. Collection includes 6 fascinating colors, which will be charming emphasis to any image. All colors of the collection has 3D-texture, which allows them to sparkle under the lights. At the heart of the Star light collection colors is … [Read more…]

New Collection Haute couture

High fashion on your finger tips! New BERENICE Haute couture nail polish collection embodied style and elegance, which are incident to famous designers and fashion houses. As high fashion is impossible without expensive and exclusive textiles, and so modern woman image is impossible without stylish manicure. Each Haute couture color is embodiment of the most … [Read more…]

New collection Firework

We would like to present new BERENICE nail polish collection Firework. Firework is a collection of sparkling colors for the most brilliant images. Shine! BERENICE Firework collection will help you in this. The collection includes 6 radiant colors that perfectly fit and dry quickly, instantly turning nails into a work of art. New BERENICE collection … [Read more…]

New collection Rhapsody of the Seas

We would like to present new BERENICE nail polish collection – Rhapsody of the seas. Sea is a life breath for poets, artists and musicians. It was the endless sea surface and ocean depths that became the source of inspiration for the new BERENICE collection – Rhapsody of the seas. The collection is based on … [Read more…]

Perfect nude manicure

What is nude manicure? Nude (same as natural) nail polish color should be in each girl nail polish collection. This color is always in fashion.  Nude color – different shades of beige – could be perfect variant not only for classic office style manicure, but also as a base for nail design. Nude, natural make … [Read more…]