The most fashionable colors of Fall, 2018

Influence of Fall is felt not only on weather and change of clothes, but also on change of color preferences, in particular, of nail varnishes. The quiet and measured fall comes to replace hot and bright summer. And we choose cozier and deep shades. The fall inspires.
Experts called the shades of Valliant Poppy, Red Pear, Martini Olive, Ceylon Yellow, Limelight, Russet Orange, Ultra Violet, Crocus Petal, Tofu, Quiet Grey, Almond Buff as primary colors of fall of 2018. By the way, these shades are perfectly combined among themselves. And with the help of these shades it is possible to make both a small color accent in manicure, and bright and interesting nail- art.

Red Pear
The main shade of fall, 2018 – color of a ripe pear. Deep and solid claret – red. Timeless classics relevant always and everywhere.


Valliant Poppy
Warm shade of red poppy. Bright and saturated. For those who aren’t even ready to refuse bright paints in the cool and cloudy fall. This shade will become fine accent even of the most reserved autumn image.

Martini Olive
Traditionally autumn color. Beautiful and quiet. Ideally fits into autumn mood.

Ceylon Yellow
Interpretation of a yellow shade which usually is associated with spring and summer. Break the rules! Be not afraid to use yellow in autumn manicure.

One more yellow. And this time a little bleached and cool. Will perfectly dilute habitual autumn colors, by adding an ease and appropriate brightness to an image.

Russet Orange
The orange shade with red notes reminds of autumn foliage. It’s rather bright shade for fall. But who said that in the fall everything has to be gloomy and dark? The nails covered this color will become a bright accent of an image.

Ultra Violet
It is called a color of 2018 year, this is why its relevance from summer smoothly passes into fall and winter. Saturated violet on nails will perfectly fit into an autumn image, having become bright accent.

Crocus Petal
Absolutely atypical for fall, light lavender shade. But what to do if soul demands tenderness and bright paints.

Color of Asian soy cheese. The color teetering on the brink of white and gray. Noble and interesting variation of white color. The absolute universality of color allows to use it with images in any styles.

Quiet Grey
Quite expected autumn shade. Quiet and unostentatious gray will ideally fit into an autumn image.

Almond Buff

The beige shade goes as a base. Gentle and quiet manicure in nude tones will be especially relevant this fall.

Have you already picked up “clothes” for your nails this fall?

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