New Collection of Nail Polishes FRIENDS TOGETHER

Friends Together — new collection of BERENICE nail varnishes. In this life it is necessary to have fun with all the heart, not to despond and look for the new ideas. The Friends Together collection is sure reflection of modern life with its night walks, picnics, favorite hobbies, a sincere talk and romantic appointments.

Extremely saturated and rich varnish coverings will help to create an image of modern girl who loads surrounding with positive emotions. Wherever you go, whatever you think up — BERENICE nail varnishes will help to realize the most daring ideas.

5-Free System guarantees the absence of such harmful ingredients in formula as toluene, DBP, formaldehyde pitches, phthalates and camphor.

91 / Morning Cappuccino

Graceful nude shade with the smallest golden shimmer. A warm and cozy shade for refined and elegant manicure.

92 / Picnic Basket

The air, subtle and graceful pastel shade, with a hint on a pearl veil, is appropriate as on a picnic, at a meeting with friends, and at office.

93 / Heartly Talk

The passionate, flaring shade with a saturated and rich varnish covering will help to create manicure for the special moments.

94 / Romantic Dates

Romantic story in modern execution. Is suitable for creation of a gentle, touching image.

95 / Favourite Hobby

The delicate nude shade causes feeling of a pacification and slackness. It will emphasize your femininity, will give to an image of elegance.

96 / Night Trip

The saturated shade is filled with magic of darkness and the mystery of the twilight is suitable both for a daily image, and for special cases. Sometimes the most grandiose plans drop out for the evening.