Save your time!

The modern rhythm of life doesn’t allow us to spend precious time, especially on expectation for varnish to dry. Languid waving of hands with a fresh-colored nails has consigned to the past. Today fast drying becomes our salvation. «Express dry & gloss» by BERENICE is a unique tool which provides fast drying of varnish and adds mirror gloss to nails.


  • Apply only thin layers of color varnish. Apply the second layer only after you make sure, the first layer has dried fully.
  • Apply a drop of «Express dry & gloss» on slightly dried up color covering and accurately allocate means on a nail plate, without pressing on a brush.
  • Put « Express dry & gloss» repeatedly after one or two days after making manicure to recover color and to return gloss to the nail covering.
  • «Express dry & gloss» will help to smooth small defects of fresh-made manicure.
  • Means of «Express dry & gloss» makes color varnish long lasting more.
  • «Express dry & gloss» gives to nails 3D – effect of a gel covering.
  • Use «Express dry & gloss» when you want to give to nails more well-groomed look, even without applying a color covering. Just put 1 – 2 layers of means.
  • Take «Express dry & gloss» with you while going on a holiday on a seashore: means will protect a color covering from burning out on a bright sun and also from harmful effects of UV rays.
  • The professional flat brush is made of high-quality nylon. The dense adhering to each other of bristles will allow to put means most comfortably.
  • Means of «Express dry & gloss» is based on technology «5 free» which guarantees no such components in the formula as: toluene, DBP, formaldehyde pitches, phthalates and camphor.