New collection Fairtytale

We present new nail polish collection Fairytale.

Fairytale – 6 fabulous and tender shades with elegant iridescence, which could complete any image. As all BERENICE nail polishes, new collection is developed with breathable formula, which allows oxygen and moisture penetration into the nail plate. The formula helps to preserve nature beauty and health of nails. All nail polishes are based on the 5-free formula.

Shade 61 Morning Fog

Elegant shade of fresh morning fog. Unique texture with volume spangles adds expression and uniqueness to the manicure.

Shade 62 White Crystal

Clear and sophisticated shade opalizes and sparkles like white crystal. Unique texture with volume spangles will complete both everyday and festive image.

Shade 63 Angel Kiss

Tender and magic powdery pink with unique texture with volume spangles for romantic characters.

Shade 64 Winter Beach

Deep and dramatic shade of chilly winter seashore with exquisite sparkles accentuates individuality.

Shade 65 Moonstone

Mystic and elegant shade of moonstone will complete the image of megapolis fashionista.

Shade 66 Mystic Forest

Enigmatic shade on mystic forest for those, who choose the most fashionable colors.