5 simple rules of nail care for fall and winter seasons

In the cold days because of rough change of temperature and vitamin deficiency, hair and skin, nails get dry. A few tips from the leading specialists of the brand BERENICE will help to restore your nails and return them to original beauty.

1. Moisturize hands skin

Use moisturizing or nourishing creams. Apply the cream on the skin until absorbed as and when necessary.

Berenice Water-based cuticle remover "Cuticle peeling"

2. Remove the cuticle

Cuticle actively dries in autumn and winter, it hampers the growth of nails and manicures looks untidy. Apply Cuticle Peeling and after 30 seconds slide it with Orange Sticks. Regular use of Cuticle Peeling will prevent active growth of the cuticle.




Berenice Nail and cuticle oil "Rich nutritive oil"

3. Moisturize the cuticle

Simple cream can moisturize the skin, but for the cuticle this is not enough, because cuticle structure is rather dry and rough. For cuticle and nail plate moisturizing use special oil, for example Rich Nutritive Oil based on orange oil and vitamins, it nourishes the nail plate, softens cuticles and gives nails a neat appearance.



Berenice Strengthening treatment with colloidal gold "Pure gold hardener"

4. Use a protective coating for nails

For the nail plate care and additional nourishment try Pure Gold Hardener, it is nails hardener, which contains colloidal gold particles. In the autumn time, with the help of this treatment you will protect nails from negative environmental factors. And in addition, this treatment looks incredibly beautiful and creates the effect of a perfectly healthy nails.


5. Wear gloves

Leaving the house in cold weather, wear gloves, they will protect your hands and nails from extreme temperatures and chapping.