Color therapy with BERENICE nail laquers

For sure you are familiar with such concept as “color therapy”, which is the influence of surrounding colors at your mood and even health. In addition, color can tell a lot about the one who chose it.

BERENICE color palette has 54 shades, and each color brings certain energy. Which one you choose? It is up to you to decide!

01 Pure White


White – the color of purity and freedom, for neat and careful people. This color matches perfectly with other colors.

07 Hot Chili


Red – symbolizes the activity and vitality, for self-confident and emotional people. Red color manicure is timeless classics.

51 Endless Sky


Blue – stimulates the imagination and is a great source of inspiration. This color attracts creative people (artists, writers, musicians and actors). Blue nail polish shade is chosen by brave and creative people.

53 Red Fox


Orange symbolizes celebration and joy. This bright color is preferred by dreamy and motivated person. Orange nail polish shade is for those who love being in the spotlight.

44 Silver Iron


Grey color symbolizes calmness. Shades of gray are chosen by sober-minded people who are aiming to get comfort. Grey is a perfect and exquisite manicure color for everyday city life.