Dance Color nail polish collection

We would like to introduce you to the Dance Color nail polish collection.

6 caramel shades which will allow you to create a stylish and chic manicure. One motion of the brush and the most jolly and shiny shades are on your nails. Use the colors separately or combine them to create a unique design on your nails.

 Tone 49 Yellow Room

Sunny and positive yellow reflects a cheerful mood. 


Tone 50 Baby Pink

Playful and feminine pink ice-cream color – irreplaceable shade for most the fashionable women.  


Tone 51 Endless Sky

Romantic and calming color of endless sky – is like a piece of summer on your nails.


 Tone 52 Lavender Sky

Mysterious and thrilling color of a blooming lavender field is perfect for everyday manicure.


 Tone 53 Red Fox

Summer like and positive color for real optimists.  


Tone 54 Mint Ice

Tender and mysterious color of mint ice the most fashionable accessory for your nails.